May 2021

New video: Collaborative Traceability

’Collaborative Traceability — Nine practices and why they (don’t) work’ New recording from the Software Center Brown Bag seminar series,  May 17th. It is hosted by theme 4 (‘Customer Data and Ecosystem Driven Development’) and our speaker is Jan-Philipp Steghöfer, Chalmers/University of Gothenburg. Link to the recorded presentation on YouTube: Abstract: Traceability information connects the artifacts created in a development process and allows, i.a., analysing the impact of changes,

New video: Understanding Metrics Team-Stakeholder Communication

Software Center lunch seminar organized by Theme 3, Metrics: Title: Understanding Metrics Team-Stakeholder Communication Abstract: In our study, we explore challenges in communication between metrics teams and stakeholders in agile metrics service delivery. Drawing on interviews and interactive workshops with team members and stakeholders at two different Swedish software development organizations, we identify interrelated challenges such as aligning expectations, prioritizing demands, providing regular feedback, and maintaining continuous dialogue, which impede

New video: Analyzing software code using artificial neural networks

Title: Analyzing software code using artificial neural networks Speaker: Abu Naser Masud, Senior Lecturer, MDH Analyzing software code reveals many important aspects of the software such as bugs, security vulnerabilities, API recommendation, code similarity, code quality, etc. The dominant code analysis techniques include static and dynamic program analyses. However, artificial neural network (ANN) based source code analysis is a rising trend for the analysis of software. In this talk, I