Data Visualization for Continuous Integration

Vision and Mission

The use of agile and flexible development methods has increased the demand for frequent integration and testing to maintain the quality of the resulting code. As a result, companies have gradually invested more in the organization and automation of continuous integration capabilities. Nowadays, continuous integration systems are complicated systems themselves and many co-workers are dependent on them in their daily work. To operate and maintain continuous integration systems many stakeholders need information to monitor the progress, identify bottlenecks, perform troubleshooting, or verify that intended operations were actually carried out.

Information retrieval from continuous integration systems needs to be adapted to the needs of different stakeholders. Currently, however, we do not properly understand who those stakeholders are and what they need. Consequently, people in the companies have developed their own ad-hoc methods for gathering, processing, and visualizing the information. If this continues, we will have a situation of much redundant work, incompatible and erroneous information and a low degree of knowledge sharing.

Our long-term vision is to develop a suite of real-time data visualization tools that can be used all over a company to supply the stakeholders with the information they need in a convenient way. The tool has to be flexible in order to adapt to changing needs and it shall allow users to browse and discover new sets of information that might create opportunities for improvements