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We help the companies to design and develop modern measurement methods and tools by utilizing state-of-the-art analytics, AI and machine learning. We use Action Research to increase the impact and adoption of the results (Action Research in Software Engineering), i.e., we work on-site of the companies. Over the course of ten years of our collaboration, our theme has resulted in over 50 models and tools. We have also published over 200 papers and books that disseminate the results to the public domain. Examples of the metrics designed and introduced to the companies:


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  • Test prioritization – a systematic review (review) January 17, 2022
    Test case selection and prioritization using machine learning: a systematic literature review ( Testing is an important activity in every software engineering project. In professional organizations, the process is structured and well-organized. In smaller projects, start-up style organizations, or in research studies, the process is less organized. There are different views on why we do […]
    Miroslaw Staron
  • Merry X-mas and the next year with AI December 20, 2021
    This is the last post that I want to write in 2021. The year has been hectic and full of surprises. First, we got the news that the vaccine works for Covid-19. We all prepared for normalization, for being able to travel, visit friends, families, and conferences in person. Then came the new variants, like […]
    Miroslaw Staron
  • A Friday research and pedagogy reflection post… December 17, 2021
    It’s Friday again and I’m trying to pack things up for the weekend. While doing that I reflected a bit on the week that passed. It started with the meetings on research directions, but it ended in discussing and thinking about pedagogy. At the beginning of the week, I focused on preparing for an evaluation […]
    Miroslaw Staron
  • Noisy data, biased data – book review December 13, 2021
    Noise: A Flaw in Human Judgment: Kahneman, Daniel, Sibony, Olivier, Sunstein, Cass R.: 9780316451406: Books It’s been a while since I’ve written my last post. Well, hectic times I guess. Old friends leaving the spot, new friends entering the spot – a life of a researcher. While working on my recent research projects, I […]
    Miroslaw Staron
  • “That will never work” – A book about Netflix October 22, 2021
    That Will Never Work: The Birth of Netflix by the first CEO and co-founder Marc Randolph : Randolph, Marc: Böcker Building a successful start-up seems like a really cool idea – from a distance. I’ve used to teach a course about enterpreneurship, start-up, business models and alike. Although it was nice, I always felt […]
    Miroslaw Staron
  • Is software architecture and code the same? October 15, 2021
    Relationships between software architecture and source code in practice: An exploratory survey and interview – ScienceDirect Software architecting is one of the crucial activities for a success of your product. There is a BAPO model, there B stands for Business and A for Architecture – and there is a good reason why it is on […]
    Miroslaw Staron
  • Cybersecurity, security, and safety… October 11, 2021
    During the spring semester, my students did great work looking into the security of a car’s electrical system. They managed to decode signals, understand high-level data, and managed to perform small changes in the car’s function. It all sounds great as thesis project. Both the students and the company loved this project. It was challenging, […]
    Miroslaw Staron
  • Open or close – how we can leverage innovation through collaboration (book review) October 1, 2021
    Open: The Story of Human Progress : Norberg, Johan: Böcker Progress and innovation are very important for the development of our societies. Software engineers are focused on the progress in technology, software, frameworks, and the ways to develop software. This book is about openness and closeness in modern society. It is a story showing […]
    Miroslaw Staron
  • How to make your pull request merged quickly… (article highlight) September 24, 2021
    How Developers Modify Pull Requests in Code Review | IEEE Journals & Magazine | IEEE Xplore I must admit that I’m not the greatest contributor to OSS projects. Yes, I did a few of those and contributed to projects, but this is more like a hobby than a real work. My goal for 2022 is […]
    Miroslaw Staron
  • Predicting defect, but continuously (article highlight) September 17, 2021
    Continuous Software Bug Prediction ( Although a lot has been written about predicting defects, the problem is still valid. Some systems have more defects than others. In academia, we can do two things – educate young engineers in making better software or construct models for predicting where and when to find defects. A lot of […]
    Miroslaw Staron
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