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We help the companies to design and develop modern measurement methods and tools by utilizing state-of-the-art analytics, AI and machine learning. We use Action Research to increase the impact and adoption of the results (Action Research in Software Engineering), i.e., we work on-site of the companies. Over the course of ten years of our collaboration, our theme has resulted in over 50 models and tools. We have also published over 200 papers and books that disseminate the results to the public domain. Examples of the metrics designed and introduced to the companies:


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  • Language models in Software Engineering (new paper review) June 6, 2022
    Articla available at: It’s no secret that I’ve been fascinated by modern, BERT-like language models. I’ve seen what they can do and how they operate, use them in two of my research projects. So, when this paper came around, I read it directly. It’s a paper which makes an overview of what kind of […]
    Miroslaw Staron
  • Automating the Measurement of Heterogeneous Chatbot Designs (paper review) May 30, 2022
    Paper from: Using chatbots has gained importance in recent years, which has resulted in development of several chatbot platforms (like Amazon Lex, Google DialogFlow or IBM Watson). However, there is a limited number of studies related to quality assurance of chatbots. The paper from Pablo C. Cañizares, Sara Pérez-Soler, Esther Guerra and Juan de […]
    Miroslaw Staron
  • What will shape the future of automotive software (engineering)? May 22, 2022
    Based on the following article + my own thoughts: D08042936-with-cover-page-v2.pdf ( It’s been a while since I’ve written about automotive software, but that does not mean that nothing happened. During the pandemic, the car manufacturers suffered great losses caused by the global shortage of silicon, lack of workforce due to lockdowns and the overall slowdown […]
    Miroslaw Staron
  • Do explicit review strategies improve code review performance? May 16, 2022
    Do explicit review strategies improve code review performance? Towards understanding the role of cognitive load | SpringerLink I’ve written a lot about code reviews and I’ve done my share of experimentation in software engineering. When I started my career, using inspections (like Fagan-style code inspections) was the primary source of experimentation. It was how I […]
    Miroslaw Staron
  • Understanding anomalies in software data April 26, 2022
    Identifying and classifying anomalies in software engineering data is a well-known field. Using ML to identify intrusion attacks, credit card frauds, defects in production systems – are just a few of the examples of how broad the field is. Wherever we have data, we can have anomalies. Both types of anomalies have similarities, but also […]
    Miroslaw Staron
  • Testing of ML systems April 4, 2022
    Smoke testing for machine learning: simple tests to discover severe bugs | SpringerLink Machine learning systems are very popular today, at least when it comes to research applications. They are not as popular as one would wished (or liked) in the real applications. One of the reasons is the fact that they are hard to […]
    Miroslaw Staron
  • How good are language models for source code tasks? March 28, 2022 Using machine learning, and deep learning in particular, for software engineering tasks exploded recently. I would say that it exploded a bit too much. I’m myself to blame here as our team was one of the early adopters with the CCFlex model and source code analysis. Well, this paper compares a number of modern […]
    Miroslaw Staron
  • Review4Repair – article review March 21, 2022 Reviewing source code is something that I talked about a few times already. It is an activity which is almost as old as software engineering itself. Back in the beginning, this activity was done manually just before the release, as a complement to testing. Then came google with their software engineering practices, something that […]
    Miroslaw Staron
  • Reviewing rounds prediction for code patches March 14, 2022
    Reviewing rounds prediction for code patches | SpringerLink Understanding how reviews of source code are done seem to be one of my main interests recently. Partly because reviews are important for software quality, while taking time. Partly, also, because I think it is interesting to check if we can quantify a good opinion from a […]
    Miroslaw Staron
  • Rationality by Steven Pinker March 7, 2022
    Rationality: What It Is, Why It Seems Scarce, Why It Matters : Pinker, Steven: Böcker I’ve read this book because I wanted to get some inspiration from social sciences. What I ended up with is a book about Bayesian statistics and its consequences. To some extent, I’m happy to have read it, because I […]
    Miroslaw Staron
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