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workshop on Business Agility 2.0

May 18 @ 13:00 - 15:30

This is an invite for a follow-up workshop on ‘Business Agility 2.0: The system architecture and platform dimensions’.

The reason for a ‘follow-up’ workshop, is an agreement made during the workshop we organized on April 21st on the similar topics. The workshop received great attendance we had very good and interesting presentations and discussions. However, we were not able to cover all the items on the agenda. The request from the group was to have more time for discussing the system architecture and platform dimensions as well as to find a slot for the R&D ways-of-working dimension that we didn’t cover.

With this invite, we propose to continue our discussions on system architecture and platforms (as well as give space for the presentations we were not able to accommodate April 21st).

Also, and if there is time for the third topic (R&D ways-of-working), we include this as well. If there is not time for this discussion, we find a new slot for a workshop in which we focus on only the R&D ways-of-working (in the end of May).

We hope this finds you well and that those of you who are interested in continuing the April 21st discussions have the opportunity to join this follow-up workshop. Also, we hope for those who could not make yesterday’s workshop to be able to join this opportunity. Finally, we especially invite those companies who were not able to present yesterday due to time limitations, as well as companies that didn’t attend yesterday but that would be interested in presenting.

The questions we shared as the basis for presentations and discussions were the following:

  1. System architecture: How do we design decoupling interfaces between the different technologies in the system (mechanics – electronics – software – data – AI) in order to allow for independent evolution on both sides of the interface?
  2. Platform: How do we manage and/or reduce the number of variants derived from the platform in order to support continuous evolution of the system?
  3. R&D ways-of-working: How do we align the R&D ways-of-working with the transition we currently experience in business models (where we are moving from transactional to more continuous monetization)? For example, to be able to experiment with new business models, the R&D ways-of-working need to support/enable this. Similarly, if complementing transactional models with more continuous models for monetization, R&D needs to align with this transition.

Ideally, we ask you to prepare 1 – 2 slides that can be shared with everyone during the meeting (we look for short presentations of 8 – 10 minutes/company). Please note that what we look for are your current ways-of-working and your current practices with regard to the three questions. It can also be the challenges you experience and how you typically deal with these. The main intention is to have everyone share and involve in a discussion where the result is to learn, to get ideas and to together identify common best practices for improving overall business agility.

Most welcome – and please help us share this within your organizations as we are eager to offer this opportunity to everyone who attended already and to people who might be interested but didn’t yet attend.


May 18
13:00 - 15:30


Helena Holmström Olsson
+46 40-6657319