Publications by Software Center Researchers

YearPaper titleResearcher
2021Engineering ai systems: A research agendaIvica Crnkovic
2021Empirical standards for software engineering researchMiroslaw Staron
2021A systematic literature review on technical debt prioritization: Strategies, processes, factors, and toolsAntonio Martini
2021Requirements engineering challenges and practices in large-scale agile system developmentEric Knauss
2021A method to assess and argue for practical significance in software engineeringFrancisco Gomes de Oliveira Neto
2021Constructive Master’s Thesis Work in Industry: Guidelines for Applying Design Science ResearchEric Knauss
2021Insights for Serverless Application EngineeringMiroslaw Staron
2021Statistical Models for the Analysis of Optimization Algorithms with Benchmark FunctionsDavid Issa Mattos
2021Digital for real: A multicase study on the digital transformation of companies in the embedded systems domainHelena Holmström Olsson
2021Fast and curious: A model for building efficient monitoring-and decision-making frameworks based on quantitative dataHelena Holmström Olsson
2021An actor-based framework for asynchronous event-based cyber-physical systemsMarjan Sirjani
2021Towards evidence‐based decision‐making for identification and usage of assets in composite software: A research roadmapAntonio Cicchetti
2021Gamified and Self-Adaptive Applications for the Common Good: Research Challenges AheadAntonio Cicchetti
2021Blended graphical and textual modelling for UML profiles: A proof-of-concept implementation and experimentFederico Ciccozzi
2021What Is the Future of Modeling?Federico Ciccozzi
2021Find the Way in the Jungle of Quality of Service in Industrial Cloud: A Systematic Mapping Study.Federico Ciccozzi
2021Magnifier: A Compositional Analysis Approach for Autonomous Traffic ControlMarjan Sirjani
2021Towards Automatic Application Fingerprinting Using Performance Monitoring CountersJan Carlson
2021Thou Shalt Not Move: A Visibility-based Emergency Stop System for Smart IndustriesJan Carlson
2021Assured Cloud Platforms for Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems: The ACICS ApproachJan Carlson
2021Context Checklist for Industrial Software Engineering Research and PracticeJan Carlson
2021Identifying architectural technical debt, principal, and interest in microservices: A multiple-case studyAntonio Martini
2021Visual Analytics for Decision Support: A Supply Chain PerspectiveAntonio Martini
2021Efficient and effective exploratory testing of large-scale software systemsAntonio Martini
2021The use of incentives to promote Technical Debt managementAntonio Martini
2021Requirement Engineering Challenges for AI-intense Systems DevelopmentEric Knauss
2021On the experiences of adopting automated data validation in an industrial machine learning projectIvica Crnkovic
2021Introduction to the Minitrack on Smart Mobility Ecosystems and ServicesJuho Lindman
2021What Open Source Software Research Can Teach Us About Public Blockchain (s)?–Lessons for Practitioners and Future ResearchJuho Lindman
2021Third Party Venture Legitimizing Research Data Application in Healthcare PracticeJuho Lindman
2021MeTeaM—A method for characterizing mature software metrics teamsMiroslaw Staron
20217th International Workshop on Automotive System/Software Architecture (WASA 2021)Miroslaw Staron
2021Robust Machine Learning in Critical Care--Software Engineering and Medical PerspectivesMiroslaw Staron
2021CEOs’ understanding of blockchain technology and its adoption in export-oriented companies in West Sweden: a surveyMiroslaw Staron
2021Improving Quality of Code Review Datasets–Token-Based Feature Extraction MethodMiroslaw Staron
2021AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture)Miroslaw Staron
2021Software Architectures—Views and DocumentationMiroslaw Staron
2021Current Trends in Automotive Software ArchitecturesMiroslaw Staron
2021Automotive Software DevelopmentMiroslaw Staron
2021Machine Learning in Automotive SoftwareMiroslaw Staron
2021Contemporary Software Architectures: Federated and CentralizedMiroslaw Staron
2021Metrics for Software Design and ArchitecturesMiroslaw Staron
2021Efficient Cooperation of Heterogeneous Robotic Agents: A Decentralized FrameworkPatrizio Pelliccione
2021Body Sensor Network: A Self-Adaptive System Exemplar in the Healthcare DomainPatrizio Pelliccione
2021Aligning Architecture with Business Goals in the Automotive DomainPatrizio Pelliccione
2021A survey on the design space of end-user-oriented languages for specifying robotic missionsPatrizio Pelliccione
2021Robotics Software Engineering: A Perspective from the Service Robotics Domain (Summary).Patrizio Pelliccione
2021Steps Toward Real-World Ethics for Self-Driving Cars: Beyond the Trolley ProblemPatrizio Pelliccione
2021Security assurance cases—state of the art of an emerging approachJan-Philipp Steghöfer
2021Learning How to Search: Generating Effective Test Cases Through Adaptive Fitness Function SelectionGregory Gay
2021Special Section on the 2019 Symposium on Search-Based Software EngineeringGregory Gay
2021On the Assessment of Benchmark Suites for Algorithm ComparisonDavid Issa Mattos
2021Bayesian Paired-Comparison with the bpcs PackageDavid Issa Mattos
2021Facing the Giant: a Grounded Theory Study of Decision-Making in Microservices MigrationsRegina Hebig
2021Emerging Software Engineering Research Networks in (East) AfricaRegina Hebig
2021Hybrid and evolving processes for software and systems—ICSSP 2019 special issueRegina Hebig
2021Software professionals' information needs in continuous integration and deliveryKristian Sandahl
2021Data visualisation in continuous integration and delivery: Information needs, challenges, and recommendationsKristian Sandahl
2021IDA> Ola LeiflerOla Leifler
2021Citizens’ views on climate-change adaptationOla Leifler
2021Citizens’ views on climate-change adaptation: a study of the views of participants in the 2020 Climate Change MegagameOla Leifler
2021Automated Performance Testing Based on Active Deep LearningAli Sedaghatbaf
2021Towards a Verification-Driven Iterative Development of Software for Safety-Critical Cyber-Physical SystemsSara Abbaspour Asadollah
2021Semantic Correctness of Dependence-based Slicing for Interprocedural, Possibly Nonterminating ProgramsAbu Naser Masud
2021Real-time End-to-End Federated Learning: An Automotive Case StudyHelena Holmström Olsson
2021Rapid Continuous Software Engineering-State of the Practice and Open Research Questions: Report on the 6th International Workshop on Rapid Continuous Software Engineering …Helena Holmström Olsson
2020The state of adoption and the challenges of systematic variability management in industryJan-Philipp Steghöfer
2020Large-scale machine learning systems in real-world industrial settings: A review of challenges and solutionsIvica Crnkovic
2020Collaborative traceability management: a multiple case study from the perspectives of organization, process, and cultureEric Knauss
2020Action Research in Software EngineeringMiroslaw Staron
2020An overview and comparison of technical debt measurement toolsAntonio Martini
2020Robotics software engineering: A perspective from the service robotics domainPatrizio Pelliccione
2020Model checking software in cyberphysical systemsMarjan Sirjani
2020Beyond connected cars: A systems of systems perspectiveEric Knauss
2020A Comparative Analysis of Hybrid Deep Learning Models for Human Activity RecognitionAli Sedaghatbaf
2020Going digital: Disruption and transformation in software‐intensive embedded systems ecosystemsHelena Holmström Olsson
2020From Ad-Hoc Data Analytics to DataOpsDavid Issa Mattos
2020Verification of cyberphysical systemsMarjan Sirjani
2020The influence of Technical Debt on software developer moraleAntonio Martini
2020Why and how to balance alignment and diversity of requirements engineering practices in automotiveEric Knauss
2020Intero: An Interoperability Model for Large SystemsPatrizio Pelliccione
2020Charting coordination needs in large-scale agile organisations with boundary objects and methodological islandsEric Knauss
2020Software engineering whispers: The effect of textual vs. graphical software design descriptions on software design communicationRegina Hebig
2020An empirical study of bots in software development: characteristics and challenges from a practitioner’s perspectiveFrancisco Gomes de Oliveira Neto
2020Toward a technical debt conceptualization for serverless computingAntonio Martini
2020Cerebral ischemia detection using artificial intelligence (CIDAI)—A study protocolMiroslaw Staron
2020Technical architectures for automotive systemsPatrizio Pelliccione
2020Learning how to search: generating exception-triggering tests through adaptive fitness function selectionGregory Gay
2020Engineering for a science-centric experimentation platformDavid Issa Mattos
2020From requirements to verifiable executable models using RebecaSara Abbaspour Asadollah
2020PuRSUE-from specification of robotic environments to synthesis of controllersPatrizio Pelliccione
2020Emerging and changing tasks in the development process for machine learning systemsRegina Hebig
2020Determining context factors for hybrid development methods with trained modelsRegina Hebig
2020A Systematic Literature Study on Definition and Modeling of Service-Level Agreements for Cloud Services in IoTSara Abbaspour Asadollah
2020Product line adoption in industry: an experience report from the railway domainRobbert Jongeling
2020Continuous experimentation and the cyber-physical systems challenge: An overview of the literature and the industrial perspectiveHugo (Sica de) Andrade
2020Agile Islands in a Waterfall Environment: Challenges and Strategies in AutomotiveEric Knauss
2020Action Research as Research Methodology in Software EngineeringMiroslaw Staron
2020Recognizing lines of code violating company-specific coding guidelines using machine learningMiroslaw Staron
2020Artificial intelligence for decision-makersMiroslaw Staron
2020Mind the gap: robotic mission planning meets software engineeringPatrizio Pelliccione
2020A hybrid approach combining control theory and AI for engineering self-adaptive systemsPatrizio Pelliccione
2020Hey, my data are mine! active data to empower the userPatrizio Pelliccione
2020PROMISE: high-level mission specification for multiple robotsPatrizio Pelliccione
2020Defects4J as a Challenge Case for the Search-Based Software Engineering CommunityGregory Gay
2020What developers (care to) recall: An interview survey on smaller systemsRegina Hebig
2020Curriculum integration of sustainability in engineering education–a national study of programme director perspectivesOla Leifler
2020Languages for specifying missions of robotic applicationsPatrizio Pelliccione
2020Model-Driven Requirements for Humans-on-the-Loop Multi-UAV MissionsJan-Philipp Steghöfer
2020Cutting through the Jungle: Disambiguating Model-based Traceability TerminologyJan-Philipp Steghöfer
2020Understanding the Nature of System-Related Issues in Machine Learning Frameworks: An Exploratory StudyGregory Gay
2020Experimentation for Business-to-Business Mission-Critical Systems: A Case StudyDavid Issa Mattos
2020Why do Software Teams Deviate from Scrum? Reasons and ImplicationsRegina Hebig
2020Causes of merge conflicts: A case study of elasticsearchRegina Hebig
2020Requirements engineering for sustainability: an awareness framework for designing software systems for a better tomorrowOla Leifler
2020An Actor-based Approach for Security Analysis of Cyber-Physical SystemsAli Sedaghatbaf
2020More precise construction of static single assignment programs using reaching definitionsAbu Naser Masud
2020Modelling Data PipelinesHelena Holmström Olsson
2020Breaking the Vicious Circle: Why AI for software analytics and business intelligence does not take off in practiceHelena Holmström Olsson
2020AI on the Edge: Architectural AlternativesHelena Holmström Olsson
2020Developing ML/DL models: A design frameworkHelena Holmström Olsson
2020From adhoc data analytics to dataopsHelena Holmström Olsson
2020Carrot and stick approaches when managing technical debtAntonio Martini
2020Managing Traceability Information Models: Not such a simple task after all?Eric Knauss
2020Using machine learning to identify code fragments for manual reviewMiroslaw Staron
2020Deep learning model for end-to-end approximation of COSMIC functional size based on use-case namesMiroslaw Staron
2020PHANTOM: Curating GitHub for engineered software projects using time-series clusteringMiroslaw Staron
2020Making software measurement standards understandableMiroslaw Staron
2020Modelling multi-criticality vehicular software systems: evolution of an industrial component modelAntonio Cicchetti
2020Formal modeling and analysis of medical systemsMarjan Sirjani
2020Using mutation testing to measure behavioural test diversityFrancisco Gomes de Oliveira Neto
2020Challenges and guidelines on designing test cases for test botsFrancisco Gomes de Oliveira Neto
2020Cache-aware response time analysis for real-time tasks with fixed preemption pointsJan Carlson
2020Improving the Accuracy of Cache-Aware Response Time Analysis Using Preemption PartitioningJan Carlson
2020Towards engineering future gameful applicationsAntonio Cicchetti
2020Towards Consistency Checking Between a System Model and its ImplementationAntonio Cicchetti
2020Systematic Evaluation of Model Comparison Algorithms using Model GenerationAntonio Cicchetti
2020Designing mobile language learning with Arabic speaking migrantsKhaled Al-Sabbagh
2020Boundary Value Exploration for Software AnalysisFrancisco Gomes de Oliveira Neto
2020Software Logging for Machine LearningJan Bosch
2020Cross-project Classification of Security-related RequirementsJan-Philipp Steghöfer
2020Generating Diverse Test Suites for Gson Through Adaptive Fitness Function SelectionGregory Gay
2020From RE Cares to SE Cares: software engineering for social good, one venue at a timeJennifer Horkoff
2020Evaluating the Effects of Different Requirements Representations on Writing Test CasesJennifer Horkoff
2020Data Labeling: An Empirical Investigation into Industrial Challenges and Mitigation StrategiesDavid Issa Mattos
2020Automotive A/B testing: Challenges and Lessons Learned from PracticeDavid Issa Mattos
2020Perception and Acceptance of an Autonomous Refactoring BotRegina Hebig
2020ACSE 2020 African Conference on Software Engineering 2020: Proceedings of the 2020 African Conference on Software Engineering (ACSE 2020) Nairobi, Kenya, September 16-17, 2020Regina Hebig
2020Challenges and directions for a community infrastructure for Big Data-driven research in software architectureRegina Hebig
2020Measuring affective states from technical debt: A psychoempirical software engineering experimentAntonio Martini
2020How do Practitioners Perceive the Relevance of Requirements Engineering Research?Eric Knauss
2020From a Data Science Driven Process to a Continuous Delivery Process for Machine Learning SystemsIvica Crnkovic
2020DevOps for AI–Challenges in Development of AI-enabled ApplicationsIvica Crnkovic
2020Refactoring Software in the Automotive Domain for Execution on Heterogeneous PlatformsIvica Crnkovic
2020The uncertain promise of blockchain for governmentJuho Lindman
2020Selective Regression Testing based on Big Data: Comparing Feature Extraction TechniquesMiroslaw Staron
2020Validity evaluationMiroslaw Staron
2020Process Debt: a First ExplorationAntonio Martini
2020SEAA 2020Antonio Martini
2020Skuld: a self-learning tool for impact-driven technical debt managementAntonio Martini
2020Improving agility by managing shared libraries in microservicesAntonio Martini
2020Modeling and Analysis of Boundary Objects and Methodological Islands in Large-Scale Systems DevelopmentEric Knauss
2020Supporting Digitalization in Construction: Visualizing Sensor Data in-situ for MaintenanceEric Knauss
2020Foreword to the Special Issue in Empirical Software Engineering: Best Papers of REFSQ 2019Eric Knauss
2020Why and How Your Traceability Should Evolve: Insights from an Automotive SupplierEric Knauss
2020Principles for Re-architecting Software for Heterogeneous PlatformsIvica Crnkovic
2020HPM-Frame: A Decision Framework for Executing Software on Heterogeneous PlatformsIvica Crnkovic
2020Summary of the 2nd Workshop on Gender Equality in Software Engineering (GE 2019)Ivica Crnkovic
2020Exploring Blockchain Municipal Use CasesJuho Lindman
2020The Effect of Class Noise on Continuous Test Case Selection: A Controlled Experiment on Industrial DataMiroslaw Staron
2020Software Engineering and Advanced Applications Conference 2019–Selected PapersMiroslaw Staron
2020Estimating the Complexity of Architectural Design Decision NetworksMiroslaw Staron
2020Blockchain and Smart Contract EngineeringMiroslaw Staron
2020Improving Data Quality for Regression Test Selection by Reducing Annotation NoiseMiroslaw Staron
2020LegacyPro—a DNA-inspired method for identifying process legacies in software development organizationsMiroslaw Staron
2020On Identifying Similarities in Git Commit Trends—A Comparison Between Clustering and SimSAXMiroslaw Staron
2020DiagnosingMiroslaw Staron
2020Action TakingMiroslaw Staron
2020Specifying LearningMiroslaw Staron
2020Reporting Action Research StudiesMiroslaw Staron
2020Action PlanningMiroslaw Staron
2020Ensuring Sustainability of KnowledgeMiroslaw Staron
2020Action Research vs. Design ResearchMiroslaw Staron
2020Using Benji to systematically evaluate model comparison algorithmsAntonio Cicchetti
2020Towards boosting the OpenMBEE platform with model-code consistencyAntonio Cicchetti
2020Co-evolution of Simulink Models in a Model-Based Product LineAntonio Cicchetti
2020Run-time and Collective Adaptation of Gameful SystemsAntonio Cicchetti
2020Papyrus for gamers, let’s play modelingAntonio Cicchetti
2020Editorial to theme section on interplay of model-driven and component-based software engineeringFederico Ciccozzi
2020Specification and Verification of Timing Properties in Interoperable Medical SystemsMarjan Sirjani
2020Lightweight Formal Method for Robust Routing in Track-based Traffic Control SystemsMarjan Sirjani
2020VeriVANca framework: verification of VANETs by property-based message passing of actors in Rebeca with inheritanceMarjan Sirjani
2020Towards Formal Analysis of Vehicle Platoons Using Actor ModelMarjan Sirjani
2020Advancing Continuous Model-Based Development in IndustryRobbert Jongeling
2020Early Prediction of Test Case Verdict with Bag-of-Words vs. Word EmbeddingsKhaled Al-Sabbagh
2020Data Pipeline Management in Practice: Challenges and OpportunitiesJan Bosch
2020Software Logs for Machine Learning in a DevOps EnvironmentJan Bosch
2020Technical Debt: An empirical investigation of its harmfulness and on management strategies in industryTerese Besker
2020Extended abstract “Software Deployment on Heterogeneous Platforms: A Systematic Mapping Study”Hugo (Sica de) Andrade
2020From Data Analytics to DataOpsaiswarya raj
2020Detecting inconsistencies in annotated product line modelsJan Carlson
2020Component-based development of embedded systems with GPUsJan Carlson
2020CROME: Contract-Based Robotic Mission SpecificationPatrizio Pelliccione
2020Real-world ethics for self-driving carsPatrizio Pelliccione
2020Architecting and Analysing Connected Autonomous VehiclesPatrizio Pelliccione
2020Report of the 2nd International Workshop on Context-aware Autonomous and Smart Architectures (CASA@ ECSA 2018)Patrizio Pelliccione
2020A Survey on the Design Space of End-User Oriented Languages for Specifying Robotic MissionsPatrizio Pelliccione
2020Bytecode-based Multiple Condition Coverage: An Initial InvestigationGregory Gay
2020Understanding The Impact of Solver Choice in Model-Based Test GenerationGregory Gay
2020Joint Proceedings of REFSQ-2020 Workshops, Doctoral Symposium, Live Studies Track, and Poster TrackJennifer Horkoff
2020Correction to: Software engineering whispers: The effect of textual vs. graphical software design descriptions on software design communicationRegina Hebig
2020The Character of Software Startup Hubs in an Emerging EcosystemRegina Hebig
2020How do Students Experience and Judge Software Comprehension Techniques?Regina Hebig
2020Sustainable Capacity Building in Software Engineering Research in Africa: The Example of the BRIGHT ProjectRegina Hebig
2020Raising awareness for potential sustainability effects in Uganda: A survey-based empirical studyRegina Hebig
2020African Conference on Software Engineering (ACSE) 2020Regina Hebig
2020Introduction to the thematic collectionOla Leifler
2020Teaching sustainability, ethics and scientific writing: An integrated approachOla Leifler
2020Safe design of flow management systems using RebecaAli Sedaghatbaf
2020Developing Safe Smart ContractsAli Sedaghatbaf
2020Building Attack Models for Security Analysis of CPSSara Abbaspour Asadollah
2020Simple and Efficient Computation of Minimal Weak Control ClosureAbu Naser Masud
2020AI Deployment Architecture: Multi-Case Study for Key Factor IdentificationHelena Holmström Olsson
2020Towards Automated Detection of Data Pipeline FaultsHelena Holmström Olsson
2020Mining Customer Satisfaction on B2B Online Platforms using Service Quality and Web Usage MetricsHelena Holmström Olsson
2020Federated Learning Systems: Architecture AlternativesHelena Holmström Olsson
2020An End-to-End Framework for Productive Use of Machine Learning in Software Analytics and Business Intelligence SolutionsHelena Holmström Olsson
2020Autonomously Improving Systems in Industry: A Systematic Literature ReviewHelena Holmström Olsson
2020Architecting AI Deployment: A Systematic Review of State-of-the-art and State-of-practice LiteratureHelena Holmström Olsson
2020Engineering Federated Learning Systems: A Literature ReviewHelena Holmström Olsson
2020The Five Purposes of Value ModelingHelena Holmström Olsson
2019Goal-oriented requirements engineering: an extended systematic mapping studyJennifer Horkoff
2019A taxonomy of software engineering challenges for machine learning systems: An empirical investigationIvica Crnkovic
2019Execution of UML models: a systematic review of research and practiceFederico Ciccozzi
2019DevOps in practice: A multiple case study of five companiesLucy Ellen Lwakatare
2019Advances in using agile and lean processes for software developmentLucy Ellen Lwakatare
2019Do we really know what we are building? Raising awareness of potential Sustainability Effects of Software Systems in Requirements EngineeringOla Leifler
2019Catching up with method and process practice: An industry-informed baseline for researchersRegina Hebig
2019Specification Patterns for Robotic MissionsPatrizio Pelliccione
2019Safety for mobile robotic systems: A systematic mapping study from a software engineering perspectiveIvica Crnkovic
2019Multi-view approaches for software and system modelling: a systematic literature reviewAntonio Cicchetti
2019Where is my feature and what is it about? a case study on recovering feature facetsRegina Hebig
2019Evolution of statistical analysis in empirical software engineering research: Current state and steps forwardFrancisco Gomes de Oliveira Neto
2019Current and future bots in software developmentFrancisco Gomes de Oliveira Neto
2019Towards surgically-precise technical debt estimation: early results and research roadmapAntonio Martini
2019Data management challenges for deep learningHelena Holmström Olsson
2019Choosing the fitness function for the job: Automated generation of test suites that detect real faultsGregory Gay
2019Actors revisited for time-critical systemsMarjan Sirjani
2019Creative goal modeling for innovative requirementsJennifer Horkoff
2019Non-functional requirements for machine learning: Challenges and new directionsJennifer Horkoff
2019Software developer productivity loss due to technical debt—a replication and extension study examining developers’ development workAntonio Martini
2019Boundary objects and their use in agile systems engineeringEric Knauss
2019High-level mission specification for multiple robotsPatrizio Pelliccione
2019Psalm: specification of dependable robotic missionsPatrizio Pelliccione
2019Technical debt triage in backlog managementAntonio Martini
2019Variability modeling of service robots: Experiences and challengesPatrizio Pelliccione
2019A software exoskeleton to protect and support citizen’s ethics and privacy in the digital worldPatrizio Pelliccione
2019Architectural technical debt in microservices: a case study in a large companyAntonio Martini
2019Contents for a model-based software engineering body of knowledgeFederico Ciccozzi
2019Challenges of scaled agile for safety-critical systemsEric Knauss
2019Multi-armed bandits in the wild: Pitfalls and strategies in online experimentsDavid Issa Mattos
2019Three key checklists and remedies for trustworthy analysis of online controlled experiments at scaleHelena Holmström Olsson
2019Impediments to introducing continuous integration for model-based development in industryAntonio Cicchetti
2019Technical debt prioritization: State of the art. A systematic literature reviewAntonio Martini
2019Autonomous Vehicles: State of the Art, Future Trends, and ChallengesPatrizio Pelliccione
2019Lightweight Consistency Checking for Agile Model-Based Development in Practice.Antonio Cicchetti
2019Enhancing context specifications for dependable adaptive systems: A data mining approachHugo (Sica de) Andrade
2019Lightweight Consistency Checking for Agile Model-Based Development in PracticeJan Carlson
2019Estimating Return on Investment for GUI Test Automation FrameworksFrancisco Gomes de Oliveira Neto
2019Api management challenges in ecosystemsJan Bosch
2019Walking through the method zoo: does higher education really meet software industry demands?Regina Hebig
2019SQME: a framework for modeling and evaluation of software architecture quality attributesAli Sedaghatbaf
2019Visualization of feature locations with the tool featuredashboardJan-Philipp Steghöfer
2019Using Essence in a Software Development Methodologies Course: An Experience Report.Jan-Philipp Steghöfer
2019Business as unusual: a model for continuous real-time business insights based on low level metricsHelena Holmström Olsson
2019Scaling agile beyond organizational boundaries: coordination challenges in software ecosystemsHelena Holmström Olsson
2019Exploiting Multi-Level Modelling for Designing and Deploying Gameful SystemsAntonio Cicchetti
2019GDF: a Gamification Design Framework powered by Model-Driven EngineeringAntonio Cicchetti
2019Blended Modelling-What, Why and HowFederico Ciccozzi
2019Test activities in the continuous integration and delivery pipelineJan Bosch
2019Technical-, social-and process debt in large-scale agile: an exploratory case-studyAntonio Martini
2019Use, potential, and showstoppers of models in automotive requirements engineeringEric Knauss
2019Software deployment on heterogeneous platforms: A systematic mapping studyIvica Crnkovic
2019An extensible framework for software configuration optimization on heterogeneous computing systems: Time and energy case studyIvica Crnkovic
2019Taming uncertainty in the assurance process of self-adaptive systems: a goal-oriented approachPatrizio Pelliccione
2019The impact of requirements on systems development speed: a multiple-case study in automotiveEric Knauss
2019The missing requirements perspective in large-scale agile system developmentEric Knauss
2019Assessing the impact of meta-model evolution: a measure and its automotive applicationMiroslaw Staron
2019Improving the consistency and usefulness of architecture descriptions: Guidelines for architectsPatrizio Pelliccione
2019VeriVANca: an actor-based framework for formal verification of warning message dissemination schemes in VANETsMarjan Sirjani
2019The Automotive Take on Continuous Experimentation: A Multiple Case StudyHugo (Sica de) Andrade
2019Systematic literature review on multi-paradigm modelling for cyber-physical systemsAntonio Cicchetti
2019Reactive actors: Isolation for efficient analysis of distributed systemsMarjan Sirjani
2019Towards a framework for safe and secure adaptive collaborative systemsMarjan Sirjani
2019Evolution of technical debt: An exploratory studyAntonio Martini
2019Managing diversity in distributed software development education—a longitudinal case studyIvica Crnkovic
2019Predicting Test Case Verdicts Using Textual Analysis of Committed Code Churns.Miroslaw Staron
2019A pragmatic view on code complexity managementMiroslaw Staron
2019Action research in software engineering: Metrics’ research perspective (invited talk)Miroslaw Staron
2019Facilitating entrepreneurial experiences through a software engineering project courseJan-Philipp Steghöfer
2019On-off attack on a blockchain-based IoT systemAli Sedaghatbaf
2019Data driven development: Challenges in online, embedded and on-premise softwareHelena Holmström Olsson
2019Customer churn prediction in b2b contextsHelena Holmström Olsson
2019Managing safety and mission completion via collective run-time adaptationPatrizio Pelliccione
2019Coping strategies for temporal, geographical and sociocultural distances in agile GSD: a case studyJan-Philipp Steghöfer
2019A generic traceability metamodel for enabling unified end-to-end traceability in software product linesJan-Philipp Steghöfer
2019Requirements Engineering (RE) for Social Good: RE Cares [Requirements]Jennifer Horkoff
2019Continuous experimentation for software organizations with low control of roadmap and a large distance to users: an exploratory case studyDavid Issa Mattos
2019Automated Optimization of Software Parameters in a Long Term Evolution Radio Base StationDavid Issa Mattos
2019Empirical Analysis of Factors and their Effect on Test Flakiness-Practitioners' PerceptionsKristian Sandahl
2019Towards constructing the SSA form using reaching definitions over dominance frontiersAbu Naser Masud
2019Multi-objective optimization of real-time task scheduling problem for distributed environmentsMarjan Sirjani
2019Software Engineering for Smart Cyber-Physical Systems (SEsCPS 2018)-Workshop ReportJan Carlson
2019Architectural technical debt in embedded systemsAntonio Martini
2019Big bangs and small pops: on critical cyclomatic complexity and developer integration behaviorAntonio Martini
2019On interfaces to support agile architecting in automotive: an exploratory case studyEric Knauss
2019Introduction to the minitrack on novel uses, opportunities and challenges of blockchain for digital servicesJuho Lindman
2019Blockchain-based electronic identification: cross-country comparison of six design choicesJuho Lindman
2019SimSAX: A measure of project similarity based on symbolic approximation method and software defect inflowMiroslaw Staron
2019Requirements engineering for automotive embedded systemsMiroslaw Staron
2019Excellence in Exploratory Testing: Success Factors in Large-Scale Industry ProjectsAntonio Martini
2019Identifying scalability debt in open systemsAntonio Martini
2019Continuous architecture: towards the goldilocks zone and away from vicious circlesAntonio Martini
2019Strategic API Analysis and Planning: APIS Technical ReportEric Knauss
2019Software Challenges in Heterogeneous Computing: A Multiple Case Study in IndustryIvica Crnkovic
2019Improving defect localization by classifying the affected asset using machine learningMiroslaw Staron
2019Automated trainability evaluation for smart software functionsPatrizio Pelliccione
2019A runtime monitoring framework to enforce invariants on reinforcement learning agents exploring complex environmentsPatrizio Pelliccione
2019REVaMP2 Project: Towards Round-Trip Engineering of Software Product Lines - Approach, Intermediate Results and ChallengesJan-Philipp Steghöfer
2019Impact of gamification on trace link vetting: a controlled experimentJan-Philipp Steghöfer
2019Teaching and Fostering Reflection in Software Engineering Project CoursesJan-Philipp Steghöfer
2019Leveraging Business Transformation with Machine Learning ExperimentsDavid Issa Mattos
2019Continuous Data-driven Software Engineering-Towards a Research Agenda: Report on the Joint 5th International Workshop on Rapid Continuous Software Engineering (RCoSE 2019) and …David Issa Mattos
2019ACE: Easy Deployment of Field Optimization ExperimentsDavid Issa Mattos
2019Summary of the International Conference on Software andSystem Processes (ICSSP 2018)Regina Hebig
2019Towards an Actor-based Approach to Design Verified ROS-based Robotic Programs using RebecaAli Sedaghatbaf
2019An Actor-based Design Platform for System of SystemsAli Sedaghatbaf
2019Challenges for Automation in Adaptive AbstractionAntonio Cicchetti
2019Resilience of distributed student teams to stress factors: A longitudinal case-studyFederico Ciccozzi
2019Mobile language learning applications for Arabic speaking migrants–a usability perspectiveKhaled Al-Sabbagh
2019Towards a digital business operating systemJan Bosch
2019GoalD: A Goal-Driven deployment framework for dynamic and heterogeneous computing environmentsHugo (Sica de) Andrade
2019Analysing Real-time Distributed Systems using Timed ActorsMarjan Sirjani
2019A Formal Model to Integrate Behavioral and Structural Adaptations in Self-adaptive SystemsMarjan Sirjani
2019How to live with inconsistencies in industrial model-based development practiceRobbert Jongeling
2019Introduction to the special issue on software engineering in practiceJan Bosch
2019The realization of flexible GPU components in RubusJan Carlson
2019How Regulations of Safety-Critical Software Affect Technical DebtAntonio Martini
2019Architectural Technical Debt in MicroservicesAntonio Martini
2019Towards an Internet of Things society: Perspectives from government agencies in SwedenJuho Lindman
2019CAGFuzz: Coverage-Guided Adversarial Generative Fuzzing Testing of Deep Learning SystemsPatrizio Pelliccione
2019Framework to Relate/Combine Modeling Languages and TechniquesPatrizio Pelliccione
2019Report of the 1st International Workshop on Context-aware Autonomous and Smart Architectures (CASA@ ECSA 2017)Patrizio Pelliccione
2019Search-Based Software Engineering: 11th International Symposium, SSBSE 2019, Tallinn, Estonia, August 31–September 1, 2019, ProceedingsGregory Gay
2019One-Size-Fits-None? Improving Test Generation Using Context-Optimized Fitness FunctionsGregory Gay
2019Towards Effective Assessment for Social Engineering AttacksJennifer Horkoff
2019MAPmAKER: performing multi-robot LTL planning under uncertaintyPatrizio Pelliccione
2019Introduction to the special issue on architecting autonomous and smart systemsPatrizio Pelliccione
2019COST IC1404 WG1 Deliverable WG1. 2: Framework to Relate/Combine Modeling Languages and TechniquesPatrizio Pelliccione
2019VU Research PortalPatrizio Pelliccione
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2018Measurement ProgramMiroslaw Staron
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2018Maintaining and Evolving Measurement ProgramsMiroslaw Staron
2018New TechniquesMiroslaw Staron
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