Why did you join?

Jonn Lantz, Volvo Cars Who am I and why did I join Software Center? I work as change driver working with software development at Electric Propulsion at Volvo Cars. We are working with fast model based software development using agile methods.

I am the contact person in a task force project for Volvo in Software Center and we see the center as a natural part in the work mentioned above. I once started as a researcher in quantum physics and I still have a specific interest in research. Once a researcher, always a researcher… Today I have two PhD students and one of them is within Software Center.
My ideas about Software Center two years from now: We believe that Software Center has grown two years from now and that the collaboration between the partner companies has developed on a larger scale. We also think that people from different parts of the industry can contribute with many good proposals when it comes to the education, so we are hoping for an even more intense share of partnership there needs.

What researchers and companies think about being part of Software Center