New video: Checking the Checkers

Checking the Checkers – Empirical Evaluation of Static Analysis Tools on Testware

March 15 @ 12:00 – 12:30

Software systems are typically divided into production code and test-related code, which have been held to different standards w.r.t. enforcing their respective quality. In recent years, test code quality issues have gained traction, for instance in their relationship to test flakiness. During discussions with industry, despite access to several types of static analysis tools, these are not generally applied to tests with regularity.

In this ongoing work, we investigate a set of existing static analysis tools applied on test code (test framework and test cases), for the purpose of analyzing their suitability for discovering issues in test code. We will present the evaluation framework and some early findings from open-source projects.

Speaker: Jean Malm, MdH

Link to the recorded presentation >>