Sprint 17 reporting workshop at Gothia Towers

Today, some 130 Software Center enthusiasts met at Gothia Towers in Gothenburg for the sprint No 17 Reporting workshop. We conclude that Software Center now has 14 industrial and 5 academic partners, joining forces to significantly improve the digitalization capability of the European Software-Intensive industry. A warm thank you to each and everyone who contributed with talks, presentations, poster and discussions! Below, a few presentations from the workshop: Opening: Opening

Software Center Annual Report 2018

We have had quite a year 2018 with many successes and positive developments. To name just a few: We kicked off and grew the senior leaders, product management and systems engineering communities in response to the broadened scope of Software Center. We added CEVT as a new partner during this year and experience very strong interest from several other companies so I am hopeful that we will add new partners

Software Center Annual Report

The Software Center Annual Report is summarizing activities, projects and publications in Software Center during 2017.    2017 is the year that Software Center changed perspective from the more confined scope of best practices to software engineering to the broader scope of digitalization. In addition, we changed the scope from Nordic to European. So, the expanded mission of Software Center is to “improve the digitalization capability of the European Software-Intensive industry

Mensura 2017

On October 24-26th, we host Mensura 2017 (http://iwsm-mensura.org/). The conference gathers industry and academia to discuss topics related to software metrics, KPIs, big data, visualization and strategic values of measurement programs.