For Nordic software-intensive companies, software engineering is a critical core capability where best practices are changing rapidly. Software engineering is at an inflection point – from “integration-oriented” to “composition-oriented” software engineering.

To avoid the risk of organizations failing to innovate and build new core capabilities, the Software Center aims to increase competitiveness in companies by collaborationg in development of novel software engineering into a core capability.

Organizations need to become intentional and proactive about change and Software Center provides a context to accelerate change.


Our mission with the Software Center is to contribute to maintaining – and strengthen – Sweden’s leading position in engineering industrial software-intensive products.

To accomplish this we need strong integration of research, innovation and education.

One of our visions:

10 x productivity in 10 years
for the Swedish (Nordic) industry

Software Center aims to become a national node, producing state-of-the-art research at the highest international level, and also increase the competitiveness of our industrial partners.