Lunch seminars

New presentation: Modeling and Engineering Beyond Narrow AI

Presentation from lunch seminar, May 9th: Modeling and Engineering Beyond Narrow AI: Link to the presentation (pdf) >> This Software Center lunch seminar was organized by the AI Engineering theme. Special guest speaker: Dr. Bernhard A. Moser, Research Director, Software Competence Center Hagenberg GmbH, Hagenberg, Austria Today’s machine intelligence is driven by the Big Data paradigm. Despite its success in recent years, there are severe limitations for a broader scope

New video: Changing software-intensive business with ecosystems

  Speaker: Dr. Sami Hyrynsalmi, Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology LUT in Lahti, Finland During the last decade, ecosystems become a new standard way of working for businesses. Instead of working alone, companies are working together in loose networks for adding their strengths together. Yet, ecosystems still pose a number of open questions. This presentation takes a look on two rather different cases. The first part covers the ‘ecosystem health’ metaphor,

New video: Anomaly detection in radio networks and critically ill patients

Anomaly detection techniques are well-known in machine learning. Tools and methods like dynamically moving average, isolation forests or thresholds are used often. Although they are defined for general use, they often inhibit different results if used in computer-generated data or human-generated data. In this seminar, I will present the latest results from the associated project microHRV, where we use anomaly detection techniques to help critically ill patients (e.g. stroke) and

New video: he ASIL-Palette for FuSa and SOTIF

Software Center lunch seminar from April 11, 2022: The ASIL-Palette for FuSa and SOTIF: focus on the “true” value of controllability and the need for its dynamic reconfiguration Speaker: Barbara Gallina, Mälardalen University In this talk, the notion of ASIL-Automotive Safety Integrity Level will be recalled as well as its role for functional safety (FuSa) and safety of the intended functionality (SOTIF). Then, the attention will be focused on controllability,

New video: Critical Requirements Engineering

Lunch seminar from April 4, 2022: Speaker: Ola Leifler, LiU Understanding how to efficiently build and deploy software, whether through continuous integration, adoption of AI techniques or service-based business models, requires critical thinking and reflection on ideas and outcomes. Similarly, critical thinking is essential in understanding what to build and why. Critical requirements engineering is a term to describe a framework for critically analyzing the reasoning behind and decisions taken in designing

New video: Transitioning to Continuous Deployment in Software-Intensive Embedded Systems

“From fairy tale to reality: Transitioning to Continuous Deployment in Software-Intensive Embedded Systems” Software Center lunch seminar from March 21, 2022, hosted by theme 4, ‘Customer Data and Ecosystems’. Speaker: Anas Dakkak, Ericsson AB Continuous deployment has become a widespread practice in the software industry, especially among companies developing web and cloud-based applications. The expected advantages of continuous deployment are many; however, some of the most obvious are faster time

New video: DevOps Multi-paradigm Automotive Software Development

Software Center Lunch seminar from March 7, 2022: DevOps Multi-paradigm Automotive Software Development Speaker: Alessio Bucaioni, Mälardalen University In the seminar, we will discuss the main results of two research projects, which aimed at improving timing predictability of multi-paradigm automotive software. In particular, we will see how we used metamodeling and automation for developing a DevOps framework for the development of automotive software. The framework makes use of three different

New video: Creating light-weight consistency checks

Title: Creating light-weight consistency checks for continuous model-based development Speaker: Robbert Jongeling, Mälardalen University Model-based development (MBD) incorporates any practices where models are used as core development artefacts, that is, they are created and maintained with the purpose of designing and/or documenting the system under development. As in other development paradigms, it is commonly desired to adopt short development cycles in MBD too. When doing so, one of the most

New video: Towards Mature Enterprises in AI engineering

The first Software Center lunch seminar of 2022 was presented by Ivica Crnkovic, professor at Chalmers and former director of the Chalmers AI Research center (CHAIR): Towards Mature Enterprises in AI engineering – challenges and directions towards possible solutions Link to the video: The hype of AI/ML is getting in his mature phase. A focus from a fascination about endless possibilities and business opportunities and predictions of horror scenarios,

New video: Why data for AI needs context

Recording from the Software Center Brown Bag seminar on November 8th: ”Setting AI in context: Why data for AI needs context” The seminar was hosted by theme 4 (‘Customer Data and Ecosystem Driven Development’) and the speaker is Hans-Martin Heyn. Hans-Martin is a Postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Chalmers/University of Gothenburg. For automated driving systems the operational context needs to be known in order