Eiffel Summit

Ericsson and Tieto held on November 8 the third Eiffel Summit in Linköping, Sweden. The purpose of the Summit was to learn more about the Eiffel protocol, exchange experiences with peers in other organizations and learn about how Eiffel can support continuous practices. More than 60 delegates came from a dozen companies and organizations to learn about and discuss collaboration around the Eiffel protocol and its implementations. The event was

Mensura 2017

On October 24-26th, we host Mensura 2017 (http://iwsm-mensura.org/). The conference gathers industry and academia to discuss topics related to software metrics, KPIs, big data, visualization and strategic values of measurement programs.

Reporting workshop

The Software Center spring reporting workshop took place at Lindholmen on June 8.  Software developers, engineers and researchers from 16 different organisations came together to learn about recent development in Software Center projects and to discuss common challenges for future development. A novel element on the agenda was the Exploration Space where Software Center projects were presented through posters and presentations. The next reporting workshop will take place December 7,