Metrics theme research summary, March 2021

In March 2021, all projects in the metrics theme have prepared a summary of their activities. This summary complements the newsletter sent our to all our partners. ACoRA: Automated Code Review Assistant Modern Code Reviews became an integral part of software delivery and deployment pipeline. However, as the speed of software development increases, the manual code reviews can become a bottleneck – with the increased size of committed code, the

New video: Supporting Migration of Software to Heterogeneous Platforms

March 8 brownbag seminar organized by the AI engineering theme in Software Center. This time our speaker is Hugo Sica de Andrade. Abstract: The requirements for performance continue to increase in computer systems across several domains. Particularly in artificial intelligence applications, several workloads require large amounts of memory, parallel computing, and low-precision computation. One of the most prominent ways of fulfilling these performance requirements is through heterogeneous computing, i.e., using

Metrics theme

Company-wise measurement programs are socio-technological systems, which combine social aspects of what, when and where to measure with technical aspects of how to measure. These programs are usually difficult to establish as utilizing the measurement information in decision-making is more difficult than it seems. At the latest Software Center metrics workshop in October, the partners of this theme learned about how an effective metrics program was created in only 18

Words from the Director - June 2020

At the end of sprint 18 of Software Center it is hard to believe that we have already been going for 9 years. Every sprint so far has proven to be different and this sprint was no exception. The Corona/COVID-19 pandemic fundamentally affected the work in Software Center and at the member companies and universities. Some of our member companies shut down partially or completely, almost everyone is working from

Call for CHAIR Consortium Seed Projects 2020

The CHAIR Consortium calls for seed project proposals (budget not exceeding 300 kSEK) that address AI research projects with given themes. Important dates: – Submission due : May  15, 2020  (the date is firm) – Notification: June 25, 2020 – Project start :  Latest Oct 1st 2020 – Project end: Latest March 1st 2021 The CHAIR Consortium consists of the following partners: Chalmers, Volvo Group, CEVT, Volvo Cars, Ericsson and

WS exploratory testing

On Friday February 28, some 30 persons participated at a workshop on exploratory testing at the Ericsson site in Gothenburg. The participants came from Axis Communications, Ericsson, Grundfos, Saab, Volvo Cars and Volvo Trucks. The workshop was organized by Daniel Ståhl (Ericsson), Torvald Mårtensson (Saab) and Antonio Martini (Chalmers). The workshop was arranged as part of the Software Center Project #6 studies on exploratory testing. The day started with a

Presentations from June Reporting Workshop 2019

The spring 2019 reporting workshop took place at Hotel11 in Gothenburg. Available presentations are linked in the agenda below: Agenda 10:00-10.15:  Welcome & introduction: Jan Bosch 10:15-10.45:  Industrial perspectives: Up-dates from Software Center partners on the impact of digitalization: Cathrine Davidson & Mats Lindahl, Jeppesen 10:45-11.15  Theme presentations: – Continuous Delivery: Kristian Sandahl – Continuous Architecture: Jan Carlson – Metrics: Miroslaw Staron – Customer Data- and Ecosystem-Driven Development: Helena Holmström Olsson 11.15-12.30:  Software Center exploration space & coffee – overview

Software Center sponsored events 2018

Software Center is promoting three international conferences in Sweden during 2018. April 9-13, Västerås: ICST 2018 – 11th IEEE Conference on Software Testing, Validation and Verification ICST 2018 is intended to provide a common forum for researchers, scientists, engineers and practitioners throughout the world to present their latest research findings, ideas, developments and applications in the area of Software Testing, Verification and Validation. May 27 – June 3, Gothenburg: ICSE 2018

Eiffel Summit

Ericsson and Tieto held on November 8 the third Eiffel Summit in Linköping, Sweden. The purpose of the Summit was to learn more about the Eiffel protocol, exchange experiences with peers in other organizations and learn about how Eiffel can support continuous practices. More than 60 delegates came from a dozen companies and organizations to learn about and discuss collaboration around the Eiffel protocol and its implementations. The event was