Software Center Annual Report

The Software Center Annual Report is summarizing activities, projects and publications in Software Center during 2017.   

2017 is the year that Software Center changed perspective from the more confined scope of best practices to software engineering to the broader scope of digitalization. In addition, we changed the scope from Nordic to European. So, the expanded mission of Software Center is to “improve the digitalization capability of the European Software-Intensive industry with an order of magnitude”.

For 2018, our hope is that we can deliver on this expanded mission and during the latest reporting workshop, we shared the need to expand the scope of the organizational units that we work with. We have done a lot of work in the area of software R&D and we have great projects ongoing in that area. Digitalization, however, is not confined to this part of the organization and we need to work with the other parts of the company in order to create the future the European software-intensive systems industry deserves.

Onward and upward!

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