Metrics theme research summary, March 2021

In March 2021, all projects in the metrics theme have prepared a summary of their activities. This summary complements the newsletter sent our to all our partners. ACoRA: Automated Code Review Assistant Modern Code Reviews became an integral part of software delivery and deployment pipeline. However, as the speed of software development increases, the manual code reviews can become a bottleneck – with the increased size of committed code, the

New video: Towards SysML v2

Lunch seminar: “Towards SysML v2 – Should you be worried about technical debt?” March 22 @ 12:00 – 12:30 Speaker: Antonio Cicchetti, Mälardalen University SysML is a language devoted to system modelling, suitable for tackling the challenges of modern industrial systems development. Currently, a new version is about to be standardized, SysML v2. This new version contains a lot of relevant features, but required a complete redesign with respect to previous versions.

New video: Checking the Checkers

Checking the Checkers – Empirical Evaluation of Static Analysis Tools on Testware March 15 @ 12:00 – 12:30 Software systems are typically divided into production code and test-related code, which have been held to different standards w.r.t. enforcing their respective quality. In recent years, test code quality issues have gained traction, for instance in their relationship to test flakiness. During discussions with industry, despite access to several types of static analysis tools,

New video: Supporting Migration of Software to Heterogeneous Platforms

March 8 brownbag seminar organized by the AI engineering theme in Software Center. This time our speaker is Hugo Sica de Andrade. Abstract: The requirements for performance continue to increase in computer systems across several domains. Particularly in artificial intelligence applications, several workloads require large amounts of memory, parallel computing, and low-precision computation. One of the most prominent ways of fulfilling these performance requirements is through heterogeneous computing, i.e., using

New video: Bird, fish or in between - Value modeling as a technique to help you align your business KPIs

Brown Bag seminar from March 1st, hosted by Software Center theme 4: ‘Customer Data and Ecosystem Driven Development’. Speaker is Helena H. Olsson, Malmö University. Link to the video: https://youtu.be/iUqLlh_ZIKE Abstract: Data driven and experimental development practices provide effective means for companies to adopt a customer and market-centric way-of-working. In online companies, controlled experimentation is the primary technique to measure how customers respond to variants of deployed software. Over the

New video: There, but what about Back Again?

Software Center lunch seminar: “There, but what about Back Again? – Propagating manual modifications from generated code to the design model” Speaker: Robbert Jongeling, MDH In one of its forms, model-based development brings the benefit of complete code generation from design models. The generated code may be subject to manual changes for several reasons, such as fixing errors after code-level testing, or adjusting the code for different variants of targeted

New video: For a few dollars more... we forgot our process

Recording of the Software Center lunch seminar: “For a few dollars more… we forgot our process” Speaker: Antonio Martini Description: Process improvement might be down-prioritized exactly like software quality. Besides the well-known Technical Debt, we should also pay attention to possibly dangerous Process Debt. In this talk I’ll introduce the concept and share a few interesting findings for the first investigation with the software center companies. Link to the recorded