New video: There, but what about Back Again?

Software Center lunch seminar: “There, but what about Back Again? – Propagating manual modifications from generated code to the design model”

Speaker: Robbert Jongeling, MDH

In one of its forms, model-based development brings the benefit of complete code generation from design models. The generated code may be subject to manual changes for several reasons, such as fixing errors after code-level testing, or adjusting the code for different variants of targeted hardware. As a consequence of these manual changes, the consistency between the design model and code is likely lost. To ensure the maintainability of the model and code, this consistency must be restored. In particular, the manual changes to the generated code must be reflected in the design model too, i.e., the model-code round-trip should be completed. In this talk, we share our experiences of developing an approach and implementing a prototype solution for completing a model-code round-trip in an industrial setting where code generation is already established.

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