New video: Bird, fish or in between – Value modeling as a technique to help you align your business KPIs

Brown Bag seminar from March 1st, hosted by Software Center theme 4: ‘Customer Data and Ecosystem Driven Development’. Speaker is Helena H. Olsson, Malmö University.

Link to the video:

Data driven and experimental development practices provide effective means for companies to adopt a customer and market-centric way-of-working. In online companies, controlled experimentation is the primary technique to measure how customers respond to variants of deployed software. Over the recent years, and due to increasing connectivity and data collection from products in the field, these practices are being adopted also in software-intensive embedded systems companies. In these companies, experiments are run on selected instances of the system or as comparisons of previously computed data to ensure value delivery to customers, to improve quality and to explore new value propositions.

However, to utilize the benefits of data-driven and experimental development practices, companies need to define what value factors to optimize for. What is it really you seek to improve? And how do we ensure that what teams do at a feature level aligns with, and contributes to, the overall business goals we seek to achieve? For highly complex embedded systems with thousands of parameters, and with people at different levels in the organization having different opinions about the value of features, this has proven to be a verychallenging task.

This talk presents our research on how value modeling helps identify and align feature, system and business KPIs in an organization. In addition, it describes the scope of value modeling and the purposes for which the technique can be effectively used. Finally, the talk identifies the key challenges that companies experience and that we seek to address in our on-going research on this topic.