New video: Collaborative Traceability

’Collaborative Traceability — Nine practices and why they (don’t) work’

New recording from the Software Center Brown Bag seminar series,  May 17th. It is hosted by theme 4 (‘Customer Data and Ecosystem Driven Development’) and our speaker is Jan-Philipp Steghöfer, Chalmers/University of Gothenburg.

Link to the recorded presentation on YouTube:

Traceability information connects the artifacts created in a development process and allows, i.a., analysing the impact of changes, showing that all requirements are tested, and creating safety cases. However, traceability is elusive as it is, and treating it as a collaborative issue increases the complexity.

We have, together with practitioners, identified nine crucial collaborative traceability practices that support an organisation in implementing traceability in their development processes. These practices range from the practical, e.g., traceability dashboard, to the organisational, e.g., to have specific training for traceability. What is still unclear is why these practices are not always implemented, how to select the ones that are most promising for an organisation, and how organisations can adapt them to their own circumstances.

In this talk, we are going to discuss the challenges of collaborative traceability and which role the nine practices for collaborative traceability play to address them. We will dive into one of them, a cross-organisational traceability information model, to show some of the challenges we see in practice. The presentation will leave ample room for discussion and allow you, the audience, to help shape our understanding of this elusive, yet important topic.