Development metrics


Support the collaborating partners in increasing their market/technology leadership


Support the continuous improvement of product performance and organizational efficiency by rapid transfer of cutting edge research into novel ways of working

Stepping stones

  1. Quantitative reporting
  2. Infrastructure and language
  3. Efficiency measurement
  4. Pro-active measurements
  5. Product insight patterns
  6. Simulating new market/technology scenarios


  • Continuous Product and Organizational Performance
  • Quasar@Car - Quantifying meta-model changes
  • VISEE - Verification and Validation of ISO 26262 requirements at the complete EE system level
  • Longitudinal Measurement of Agility and Group Development
  • Size and Quality between Software Development Approaches
  • RAWFP - Resource Aware Functional Programming

RSS Metrics blog

  • Measurement instruments February 17, 2020
    In my current PhD class I teach my younger colleagues how to work with measurements. It may sound straightforward, but one of the challenges is the data collection. I’ve written about this in my previous posts. So, here I propose to look at the video recording from the lecture about it. In the recording, we […]
  • Midnight in Chernobyl or how small mistakes can lead to great disasters February 12, 2020
    Once in a while I pick up a book about something outside of my expertise. As a kid I lived ca. 200 km from Chernobyl, where the biggest nuclear disaster happened in April 1986 (I actually remember that day and the few days after). The book got my interest because of its subtitle – the […]
  • Is it the data or the company’s needs that come first? January 27, 2020
    When discussing data-driven development and the use of data to identify new features and products, it is always the needs of the organization that come first. The companies design the system, design their organization’s needs and then experiments which will provide the organization with the data needed to validate the hypothesis. However, there is also […]
  • Action research in software engineering January 22, 2020 Software engineering is an applied scientific area. It includes working with industrial applications and solving challenges that modern organizations face today. Thanks to many of my colleagues, I’ve had the opportunity to work with industry-embedded research since I arrived here in Gothenburg. I want to share these experiences with colleagues and students, which led […]
  • AI Superpowers January 8, 2020
    In the eve of 2019, I got the time to read my copy of AI Superpowers. I must admit that I was sceptical towards it in the beginning. I’ve read a fair number of AI books and many of them were quite superficial – a lot of text, but not much novelty. However, this book […]

Theme 3, Leader: Miroslaw Staron

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