Development metrics


Support the collaborating partners in increasing their market/technology leadership


Support the continuous improvement of product performance and organizational efficiency by rapid transfer of cutting edge research into novel ways of working

Stepping stones

  1. Quantitative reporting
  2. Infrastructure and language
  3. Efficiency measurement
  4. Pro-active measurements
  5. Product insight patterns
  6. Simulating new market/technology scenarios


  • Continuous Product and Organizational Performance
  • Quasar@Car - Quantifying meta-model changes
  • VISEE - Verification and Validation of ISO 26262 requirements at the complete EE system level
  • Longitudinal Measurement of Agility and Group Development
  • Size and Quality between Software Development Approaches
  • RAWFP - Resource Aware Functional Programming

RSS Metrics blog

  • AI Ethics – a programmer’s perspective August 22, 2019
    Image by Tumisu from Pixabay I’ve been working with machine learning for a while and observed the discussion about AI and ethics. From the philosophical perspective the discussion is very much problem-oriented; the discussion is about “paper cuts” from using AI. I’ve recently looked at the article from SDTimes ( about AI Ethics ( and its early days. […]
  • How do software engineers work with ML? — an interesting paper from Microsoft June 14, 2019
    Machine learning is one of the current hot areas. As AI is believed to be the next big breakthrough, machine learning is the technology behind AI that makes it all possible. However, ML is also a technology, it’s a software algorithm and product that needs to be developed. It’s true that the development of ML […]
  • Software analytics in the large scale – article review from IEEE Software in the light of our research on software development speed June 12, 2019
    In the latest IEEE Software issue we can find an interesting article from our colleagues in Spain, working on software analytics ( Something that has caught my attention is the focus of the platform and visualizations on the code review process. The review speed and the review process are important for software development companies (see […]
  • Software Analytics or Software Factfulness April 11, 2019
    I’ve recently read Hans Roslund’s book “Factfulness”, which is about the ability to recognize patterns and analyze data in the global scale. The book is about global trends like poverty, education, health, etc. Not much, if anything, about software engineering. However, when reading I constantly thought about its relation to software analytics. In software analytics […]
  • Measuring Agile Software Development March 28, 2019
    It’s been a while since I blogged last, but does not mean that our team is not working:) Quite the contrary. In the last few months we were busy with the investigation of how to measure agile software development and DevOps. We have looked at the companies that are about to make a transformation from […]

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