Technology Themes

  • Continuous Delivery
    The long-term vision is to develop a suite of real-time data visualization tools that can be used all over a company to supply the stakeholders with the information they need in a convenient way.
  • Continuous Architecture
    The vision for the projects within the theme is to support the collaborating partners to improve their agility and flexibility to better react to ever-changing market needs.
  • Metrics
    The vision is to support the continuous improvement of product performance and organizational efficiency by rapid transfer of cutting edge research into novel ways of working.
  • Customer Data- and Ecosystem-Driven Development
    The common goal for the projects is to support the participating companies in shortening the distance to customers, and improving their strategic positioning within their business and software ecosystems.
  • AI Engineering
    Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are increasingly broadly adopted in industry, However, in our research we have learned that deploying industry-strength, production quality ML models in systems proves to be challenging.